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Resume Tips

Your resume is an integral part of “you.” These helpful tips for formulating, updating and submitting your resume could be the clincher in your next career move!

Just how old IS your resume? If you haven’t been on a job hunt for a number of years, chances are your resume is outdated and may contain content not relevant to your current career strategy. Part-time college jobs or mention of an obsolete computer application from years past may no longer be necessary to fill in your now-tenured resume.

Listed below are some suggestions that could “save” your resume. And if in complete bafflement, you can always rely on our professional resume writing alliance partner, Haute Resume and Career Services.

Adams Inc's COVID-19 Response

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, candidates, clients, and communities. As we follow the guidance of the CDC, WHO, CPHA and government officials, now trending is LIVE VIDEO-CONFERENCING. Please reach out to us for helpful tips and suggestions on setting up live video platforms and interview guidelines. Stay healthy and safe.