Exclusive Search

exclusive search

Why exclusive search works
  • An Exclusive Search has highest priority.
  • With a retainer fee, both you and Adams Inc. are equally vested.
  • Better recruiter control and communication. Your single, dedicated recruiter saves you time!
  • A higher level of professionalism in how your company and the opportunity are being presented to financial executive candidates. Because this opportunity is exclusive, candidates respond differently to recruiting calls.
  • More thorough knowledge of the candidates. The interview process is more intensive.
  • Greater overall expertise. This knowledge and experience will effect matters of interview feedback, offer negotiations, closing, and counteroffers.
  • Candidate exclusivity. Candidates are not "shopped around" or presented to other clients.
  • Best available financial executive candidate is hired as a result of a more thorough process. More viable candidates are identified and information is provided on only the best candidates.