Candidate Testimonials

our candidates say it best!

I wanted to formally thank you for helping me land my new role as CFO.

I cannot over-emphasize how impressed I was with how fast you orchestrated us from client introductions, to interviews, to job offer. I believe I discovered the answer to your tag line question, “How fast is now?”.

I also cannot over-emphasize how impressed I was with your proactive level of communication every step of the way. My past experience with recruiters left me feeling as though I was either in the dark on next steps or as though I were chasing them down. Your expertise, guidance and frequency of communication kept me at ease through the entire process..

Finally, I know you were retained by the Bank to conduct the search, but I felt as though you were acting as my personal agent throughout the process. Thank you for so fluidly balancing both sides of the interview and negotiations..

I was truly impressed and would not hesitate to recommend you to my colleagues whether they are searching for a new job or a new employee.

Scott M

I highly recommend the Star Candidate program offered by Adams, Inc. Knowing that I had one recruiting service working exclusively for me gave me peace of mind that the best jobs would only be offered to me for consideration. The added services of preparing me for phone and job interviews, wage and benefit negotiations for me after the interview, made my career move much easier. The personal, in depth, review of what kind of job, location, and wage range I was looking for, saved me a huge amount of time looking for the “right job” by having my resume placed at those jobs that fit my qualifications and requirements. This is a program that I can see many benefits for both job seekers and future employers.

David W

I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done thus far for me. You are a true professional as you took the time and effort to get to know me; review my work experience and background; and truly made a conscientious effort to place me with an employer that needs my services. With your connection(s) and warm introduction, I was able to get good interview opportunities with prospective employers. You also took the time to give me invaluable background information on the prospective employers and tips for a successful job interview. You are constantly on the ball to ensure that everything went well and as planned. With your help, I was able to get employment with a financial institution that truly wanted a person of my banking experience. Although it is currently a short term employment, there is a good possibility that this will become a next permanent career move for me. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to any banker because of the great service you have done for me. Once again, I thank you for your trust, persistence, sense of humor, and being there for me and my family.

Robert H | Director of Risk Management

"I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you contributed towards my job search the past several weeks. There never was a time that you weren't readily available or didn't return a phone call in a timely manner. These are small things, but many folks overlook the significance of them. You definitely place being accessible as a high priority and that's a quality to be commended."

Al D. | Chief Credit Officer

"I really enjoyed working with Adams. They really know the market and are sensitive to the realities of job placement. Adams made me feel that they truly cared about placing me in a job with the "right fit." Thank you for having such skilled and personable people working for your organization."

Barb S. | Human Resource Manager

"I just wanted to let you know that I am now a 2-time winner with Adams, Inc. This latest career move would not have been possible without the help of your company. I feel working with Adams, Inc. has helped me reach both my professional and personal goals of the career path I am taking and the lifestyle to go along with it. I was able, with your help, able to find the job I desired in the location preferred by both me and my wife."

Bob G. | Credit Manager

"I have received several calls over the past few years from a variety of consultants with Adams. All have been pleasant and informative. You should be proud to be associated with such a high quality firm. Of the many recruiting firms that contact us, Adams is by far the most professional."

Terry | Commercial Loan Officer

"I think rewarding really recaps the experience. Adams gave me room to think, room to research, and options to choose. This is the way a job hunt should be managed!"

Terry M. | Commercial Loan Officer

"You informed me about several possibilities in the area; the rest was simple. You asked what I was looking for in an employer and position and within two days he had a couple of interviews lined up. Adams Inc. has a relaxed approach to you individually, meaning you can talk openly with them and they are going to find a place that suits you not them. Adams Inc. is very discrete and works around your schedule to set up times to talk."

Eric R. | Agricultural Lender

"Not only was I working with professionals, but soon it felt I was working with friends. Within 2 weeks I had the job I have spent 5 years trying to find on my own. Thank you, Adams, for helping me to advance my career in a way I never thought possible."

Kevin P | Operations Officer

"I highly recommend the Star Candidate Program offered by Adams, Inc. Knowing that I had one recruiting service working exclusively for me gave me peace of mind that the best jobs would only be offered to me for consideration."

David W | Agricultural Loan Officer

"From day one, you set accurate expectations and throughout the interview and offer process, you dealt with me in an extremely respectful manner. I especially appreciated the tips you gave me regarding the interview process and giving my current employer notice. It is due to this direction that everything went smoothly and my transition from my current employer was done in a professional manner."

Mark L. | Head of Loans