Whether you need to find a qualified full-time employee or an overqualified interim executive, turn to the Adams family of professional recruiters. We'll find the candidate that's right for you.

Since 1983, Adams, Inc. has assisted banks, savings banks, credit unions, trust companies, captive finance and payments. As your partner, we'll work closely with your human resources team to find qualified job candidates through proven, nationwide searches. Whether you prefer retainer or contingency agreements, we're committed to finding the perfect candidates to fit your specific needs.

Adams places top quality financial candidates in the areas of commercial credit, agriculture, mortgage banking, retail, trust-investment, operations/systems, marketing and payments.



Superior Database...
Sensational Results

Adams uses state-of-the-art, custom-designed software to search and sort our database of tens of thousands of national financial executives. Our sophisticated computer network stores, retrieves, and updates candidate profiles instantly, while tracking them several ways, regardless of where they live or work. We also routinely update this exclusive database - just one of the reasons why our database yields a superior list of candidates.

Unprecedented Response Time

In most cases we're able to respond to your request with at least one qualified candidate profile within 24-48 hours. We may also provide as many as five ideal candidates within the same time period, depending on other search factors.


uncompromising ethics

Uncompromising Ethics

You'll appreciate the fact that we never advertise for our candidates. Each one is directly recruited. And because most are currently employed, yet open to other opportunities, all candidates are assured of total confidentiality.

Reference checking is always an important, yet formidable task, due to the limited amount of information that can be legally divulged. At Adams, our extensive network of contacts enables us to discreetly yet comprehensively check candidates' references, providing you with vital employment information.

Ethics is paramount to us, and we subscribe to all industry standards for Executive Search. In fact, our principals as well as others are CPC's - Certified Personnel Consultants, a board-driven certification within our industry.

The financial impact of a prolonged search can be costly. Adams, Inc. thoroughly understands your industry and situation. As a result, you're able to control expenses and maximize time. Adams, Inc assists you by always providing confidentiality, protecting your company's image and offering a professional third-party viewpoint. Call Adams to assist you in your search today!

uncompromising ethics