Career Path

Career Path Requirements at Adams, Inc.

Visually, think of this career path as the rungs of a ladder. As one joins Adams, Inc., progression starts at Recruiter and the sky is the limit!

Executive Recruiters

Executive Recruiter

Has prior business experience without recruiting experience. Specific production and accumulative lifetime cash-in value.

Executive Search Consultant

Specific production with cash-in within calendar year and lifetime cash-in.

Sr. Executive Search Consultant/Team Co-Manager

Designated cash-in within calendar year with opportunity to manage a team of producers and requiring invitation-only from existing team co-manager and written agreement between both for negotiated bonus pay-out.

Team Leaders

Team Leader

Designated cash-in within calendar year.

Managing Partner

Designated cash-in within calendar year or specific higher amount within 12 consecutive months for SC/Team Leader AND specific cash-in for TWO calendar years or double increased amount cash-in over 24 consecutive months for project staff (PC, PD, PM).

Managing Director

Designated cash-in within calendar year or increased designated amount within 12 consecutive months AND designated amount on lifetime cash-in.

Team Leaders

Adams Inc's COVID-19 Response

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, candidates, clients, and communities. As we follow the guidance of the CDC, WHO, CPHA and government officials, now trending is LIVE VIDEO-CONFERENCING. Please reach out to us for helpful tips and suggestions on setting up live video platforms and interview guidelines. Stay healthy and safe.