Earn a Finder’s Fee by Becoming an Adams Referral Agent!

We’re paying up to $500 for Leads!

That's right, Adams, Inc. will pay you up to $500 for each person or job opening you refer for full-time or contract positions that ultimately lead to a successful placement!  We call it our 'Heads Up' Referral Program.

Adams will pay one referral fee of ten (10) percent of profits (not to exceed $500) for each separate successful candidate or job lead filled within twelve months of the referral agent's first introduction. And multiple different candidates and job leads can earn you multiple referral fees. Or, if you prefer, in lieu of cash, you can donate the $500 referral fee to your favorite charity. See the Program Parameters FAQ’s below for additional details. Please note that multiple Adams offers cannot be used in conjunction with another within the same company for the same candidate or job lead within a twelve month time period.

You Have Nothing to Lose!

Don’t think, “I know someone but…they won’t be interested, they won’t relocate, they’re happy with their job.” Almost everyone is receptive to something better or closer to home at some point. And with our extensive database and relationships, the odds are quite high we are already working with someone interested in interviewing for the referred position.

The Odds are in Your Favor!

Our experience indicates that if you were to refer three people to us, 1) at least one is interested, 2) one isn’t interested but will send us their resume for another position, 3) and one isn't interested now but wants us to keep in touch.

So, give us the opportunity to make the call. And make sure to watch our website frequently to review current job opportunities and hottest candidates. OR sign up for our Speed Lead program and get new alerts on candidates and jobs sent directly to you by email as they become available!

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How the Program Works:

The Finder’s Fee Offer

Adams will pay a one-time referral fee of ten (10) percent of profits, not to exceed $500 for each candidate and job position brought to Adams that results in a successful placement from within 12 months of the date of the first introduction.

Multiple different candidates and job leads can earn multiple referral fees. Multiple Adams offers cannot be used in conjunction with another within the same company for the same candidate or job lead within a twelve month time period.

Charity Option

If you chose the charity option, your $500 finder's fee will be sent to the designated charity as soon as Adams, Inc receives payment from our client and the guarantee period has passed (usually thirty days after the candidate’s start date). To acknowledge your contribution, Adams Inc would have a plaque created in your name and sent to you or the charity for public display, media relations or other promotional avenues.

How Do You Track My Referral?

Once we receive your web registration referral, we will advise you on the status of your person or job opening information, accepted or rejected, as soon as possible. Your referral may be accepted or rejected based on the following criteria:

  • If your referral is not a fit
  • If your referral is not a fit but will be placed in our database as your referral
  • If we intend to move forward with your referral
  • If the referral is already in our database and we have had follow up contact within 3 months prior to your submission (Note: Adams reserves the right to refuse the referral for any reason)
  • If your referral was previously referred to us
If a match is made within 12 months of the date of the first introduction, up to $500 will be sent to you or the charity you indicated as a recipient.

Types of Positions Eligible For Referral

You are welcome to refer people or job leads in banks, thrifts, credit unions, trust companies, or captive finance companies that generally fit the following most worked positions:

  • Executive Management
    President, CEO, EVP, CFO, Regional Manager, or Department Manager
  • Commercial Loans
    Ag Loans (small operating), Commercial and Industrial, Correspondent, Small Business, Mid Market, National Accounts, Cash Management, Asset Based Loans
  • Agribusiness
    (middle market)
  • Operations
    Controller, Operations, Cashier, CFO, Audit, Loan Review, Compliance, Human Resources
  • Trust
    Tax, New Business, Trust Operations, Personal Trust, Employee Benefits, Trust Investment, Private Banking
  • Credit
    Credit Analysis, Credit Administration, Special Assets

Who to Refer?

Adams Inc. places Financial Executives, ONLY. Examples of good referral candidates include:

  • Co-workers or supervisors at your current or previous jobs
  • Mentors, family members, and friends
  • People who have been laid off or quit their jobs
  • Retirees
  • People unhappy with their current job
  • Former or current classmates, gym buddies or members of your Business Referral Networks
  • Executives commuting more than 30 minutes
  • Executives traveling too extensively for their jobs
  • Candidates looking to move back to a specific area

Remember - your name won’t be mentioned unless you insist.