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How Our Process Works

Adams' success in accurate and rocket fast recruitment lies in our 16-Step Process. This proprietary process includes everything from building frameworks, providing scripts, interview preparation, pre-employment screening and references, to interactive postings, debriefings, relocation designs and much more. To inquire about this process, please contact

Fee Structure
Process is not the only attribute that sets us apart. At Adams, we take pride in our flexibility evidenced in everything we offer including our variable fee structure:

  • Contingency - No fee unless you actually hire a candidate submitted by Adams. Positions filled by this method of payment are typically $40,000 - $250,000 in base salary.
  • Partial Retainer - One-third of the estimated fee paid upfront, two-thirds paid contingent upon our producing the candidate that fills the position. The advantage to you is much higher level of time and commitment to fill the position efficiently.
  • Full Retainer - Total estimated fee guaranteed to Adams upfront. One third of this amount paid upfront, the second third paid 30 days into the search and the third payment paid at 60 days with a final adjustment made at the time of hire. This is the ultimate guarantee of performance from Adams. Our promise to utilize all the resources of our company to meet the needs of your institution.

Adams Executive Search - Recruitment Process
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