Adams Financial Consulting Services - Executive Coaching Consultant
Adams Financial Consulting Services - Executive Coaching Consultant

Adams Financial Recruiting Consulting Services
Executive Coaching Consultant

Put our time-tested experience to work for you.

CMKS101571 - Bank Consultant
Two "seasoned" bankers with a combined 60 years in the banking industry. Both are former bank Presidents who are experienced in bank management and credit administration. Past banking experience includes lending, credit analysis / review, problem loan workout and general bank management to name a few. The services provided are:

  • loan review
  • portfolio analysis
  • criticized asset management
  • problem loan workout
  • regulatory exam readiness
  • troubled bank assistance
  • branch bank acquisition
  • temporary bank management services

CMWI10706 - Bank Management Consultant
A consultant with broad based background in the banking industry, including serving as a Bank President, together with 12 years as a Business and Management consultant, brings a unique blend of experience that can benefit your organization. They address your issues from various "hands-on" perspectives, always striving to meet your long term goals and objectives. Services are offered on a temporary basis. The areas where we provide the greatest value include:

  • Commercial Loan Credit Analysis and Training
  • Credit Policy Development
  • Credit Administration
  • Credit/Loan Review
  • Executive Coaching
  • Interim Bank Management Assignments
  • Loan Workouts
  • Strategic Planning
  • Turnarounds

ACMN77738 - Interim Chief Financial Officer and Mortgage Consultant
This consultant has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry. He has been a Chief Financial Officer of a mortgage bank and an assistant controller and treasurer for a large commercial bank. For the past 10 years, he has been a consultant to organizations that are in need of guidance.

  • As a consultant to a large mortgage banking firm with $60 billion in mortgage servicing, he developed a complex model for strengthening the warehouse line of credit cash flow system within the newly established treasury department.
  • As a consultant to a large mortgage Bank, he was on a Model Validation Risk Management team that audited all of the financial models throughout its global financial system, which consisted of the UK, Netherlands, and America.
  • Served as consultant and Technical writer for a large "financing and loan accounting" mortgage banking platform project.
  • Served as Project Manager for a Sarbanes Oxley Desk Top Procedure project at a large mortgage bank.
  • Consulted with, a large commercial bank located in Minneapolis MN, to help coordinate the consolidation of two budgets, as a result of an acquisition by another large commercial bank.
  • As Investments & Securities Officer, he managed the bank's investment portfolio consisting of $50-75 million. In addition, developed policies and procedures on all treasury related functions.
  • Consulted with the Treasury Department of a large insurance and financial services company with assets of $520 billion. He was responsible for developing policy and procedures for the reinsurance business for the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Mexico, and the America's.
  • In addition, on a monthly basis, he developed a model for analyzing the company's foreign currency position and prepared the foreign currency hedge for about 80 different currencies throughout the world.
  • Negotiated a $30 million mortgage warehouse line of credit with a large national bank.

CMWY10115 - Strategic Consultant
This consultant has done comprehensive strategic planning and credit administration for banks. He has also been heavily involved in operational planning, and is familiar with all the components and elements of all three of these processes. Services he can provide are:

  • Help develop a mission statement
  • Develop guiding principles, in other words, a value system.
  • Help do an internal analysis including their strengths and weaknesses.
  • External analysis, including competitor profiles, customer profiles, establish opportunities and threats in the market place.
  • Developing credit policies and procedures for commercial, real estate, and consumer loans.
  • Once the planning process is completed, you will have some strategies and corporate objectives which lead you to the completion of the mission.

These services are available on a temporary or full time basis. References are available upon request. Please contact us for more information on how we can put our time-tested experience to work for you in a variety of ways, saving you precious time and bolstering the bottom line.