Adams Financial Consulting Services - Denovo Banks Financial Proforma Consultant
Adams Financial Consulting Services - Denovo Banks Financial Proforma Consultant

Adams Financial Recruiting Consulting Services
Denovo Banks Financial Proforma Consultant

Put our time-tested experience to work for you.

ACUT121591 - Corporate Planning Consultant
This consultant has over 30 years of experience with executive bank management, risk management, Denovo bank formation and development and mergers/acquisitions as well as experience as a Chief Financial Officer. In these roles, he has:

  • Provided leadership for multiple banks to improve "CAMELS" ratings from "Unsatisfactory" to "Satisfactory"
  • Created and directed corporate risk management function which entailed compliance, CRA, internal audit for multi-state multi-billion dollar bank holding company
  • Involved in variety of M & A activity and analysis
  • Completed IPO and responsible for corporate stock buybacks and issuance of debt
  • Involved in formation and opening of over a dozen banks in Southwest
  • Familiar with requirements for developing business plan and application process
  • Understanding of current regulatory environment related to start up institutions

CMLA76763 - Business Planning Consultant
Bank consultant group that has served the community banking market since 1972. Offers services designed to assist clients in setting financial and strategic goals, monitor progress toward those goals and solve problems that prevent accomplishment of those goals. Services offered include:

  • Short and long term financial modeling
  • Denovo Bank financial modeling, business plan development and application preparation
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual financial reporting services
  • Strategic business planning
  • Board and management consulting
  • Merger and acquisition feasibility studies
  • Regulatory consulting

CMUT137048 - De Novo Bank Specialist
This consultant specializes in helping you implement proven strategies to lead you and your de novo bank project to success. They can provide viable, efficient solutions to help you:

  • Establish a new bank
  • Acquire an existing bank
  • Establish a growth path for an existing bank
Your goal, to establish a successful, profitable venture for all stakeholders involved, is their goal too.

These services are available on a temporary or full time basis. References are available upon request. Please contact us for more information on how we can put our time-tested experience to work for you in a variety of ways, saving you precious time and bolstering the bottom line.