Adams Executive Search Consultants, Certified Personnel Consultants (CPC) - Commercial Credit, Agriculture, Mortgage Banking, Head of Retail, Trust Investment, Operations, Marketing, Credit Card candidates and job opportunities
Adams Executive Search Consultants, Certified Personnel Consultants (CPC) - Commercial Credit, Agriculture, Mortgage Banking, Head of Retail, Trust Investment, Operations, Marketing, Credit Card candidates and job opportunities

What makes Adams different?

Flexibility & Confidentiality Are Key
At Adams we understand you have a busy schedule. Therefore, we'll work around your schedule to set up phone calls and appointments when it's convenient for you. And if you're currently employed, don't worry. We will work in the strictest confidence to protect your anonymity. Our success depends on your success, so we will remain flexible to meet your needs.

Free Career Counseling
Want to learn the secrets to bettering your career? As part of our service, we offer free career counseling to help you plan your path to success. We'll even help you market your background to a particular area of the country. With free career counseling, you'll gain the secrets you need for a prosperous career.

Third Party Access Service
Should you hear about an opportunity on your own, we'll gladly investigate it as an independent third party. We'll even go so far as to set up an interview for you. It's all part of our commitment to your success.

Top Quality Candidates
Since our database is over 70,000 contacts, we have a large number of candidates to pick from and we spend more time getting to know about our candidates.

Specialized Niche Work
We cater to a very narrow niche in the market so we are the experts at what we do, which increases the chances of our being able to come up with a higher number of qualified candidates.

"One Stop Shopping" for Candidates
We also have the highest number of similar openings for candidates to choose from in our specialty niches so candidates feel they only need to work with us and not multiple recruiting firms to get maximum exposure to the job market.

Expert Staff
At Adams, we are totally dedicated to ongoing training for all our Team Leaders, Executive Search Consultants, Account Executives, and Executive Assistants.

Response Time
Our response time is incredible! Depending on workload, in many cases, we are able to come up with qualified candidates within 24-48 hours.

We aspire to nothing but the highest standards of ethics in the business with many of our recruiters earning the CPC (Certified Personnel Consultant) designation.

Sophisticated Database
We are able to sort and search in our sophisticated database in a matter of minutes to find that most unique candidate that may have either worked or was born and raised within the same community as the new search we've just taken and now may live at the other end of the country.

Interim Executive
We can place temporary, contract, or interim personnel at the highest levels within a company to solve any short-term staffing challenges that may arise.

Reference Checking
Because we excel at reference checking, this is what enables our firm to be a great talent scout for companies like you.

Free Pre-Screening of Your Ads
If you make the decision to advertise for candidates prior to giving an opening out to search, let us pre-screen the responses for you for free, but give us an exclusive to fill the search if this method doesn't work out!

Salary Surveys
We have plenty of salary data that can be easily compiled for our clients.

Confidential Replacement Hires
We can conduct a full confidential replacement search for you so you can have a new employee ready to start quickly during the transition of upgrading your staff.

Flexible Fee Payment Options
Contingency Search: No fee unless you actually hire a candidate submitted by Adams. Positions filled by this method of payment are typically $40,000 - $250,000 in base salary.

    Mini-Retainer Search: One-third of the estimated fee paid up front, two-thirds paid contingent upon our producing the candidate that fills the position. The advantage to you is a much higher level of time and commitment to fill the position efficiently.

    Full Retainer Search: Total estimated fee is guaranteed to us up front, one-third paid immediately, the second third paid 30 days into the search, and the third payment paid at 60 days with a final adjustment made at the time of hire. This is the ultimate guarantee of performance from us; our promise to utilize all the resources of our company to meet the needs of your institution. Typically used for more senior level positions.

    Interim Placement: Employee is on the Adams payroll for the duration of project or a contingency fee is paid based on the amount of time actually worked on the job.

Most Common Searches We Conduct

    Commercial Credit: Small Business, Private Banking, Mid-Market, National Accounts, International, Asset-Based, Leasing, Correspondent, Energy, Credit Administration, Credit Analyst, Cash Management, Loan Review, Loan Workout, Trainer, and all positions from Executive to President.

    Agricultural: General Ag Loan Officer, Agri-Business Commercial Loan Officer, and Farm Management.

    Mortgage Banking: Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Secondary Market, Mortgage Servicing, and Mortgage Underwriter.

    Head of Retail: Direct/Indirect Consumer, Collections, and all Retail Sales Management.

    Trust-Investment: Personal, Employee Benefits, Corporate, Master Trust Administrators and New Business Trust Officers, Record Keeper, Investment, Investment Sales, Operations, Brokerage, and Insurance Managers.

    Operations/Systems: Accounting, Asset-Liability, Audit (internal and external), Cashier, Compliance, Controller, CFO, Conversions, Mergers and Acquisitions.

    Marketing: General Marketing, Database (MCIF), and Product Development.

    Credit Card: Credit Analysts, Credit Administration, Collections, Recovery, Risk, Fraud, Merchant Sales and Operations, Project Management, Business Analysts, Conversions, Client Management, Programming, Marketing, Product Development, Customer Service, Phone Center Management, Financial Analysis and Planning, Settlement, Accounting, Chargebacks, Plastics Operations, Statement Operations, Authorization Center Management, Remittance Processing, and Quality Management.

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